Protect, Plan, and Persevere through Divorce

No matter where you are in the divorce process, this program is designed to help you feel more in control, less anxious, empowered and prepared for what the future may hold. This presentation is a result of frequently asked questions and cases I have been legal counsel for in my practice. It is my passion to help others avoid mistakes and better cope while negotiating a divorce.

This program is suited for anyone thinking of divorcing or are in the early proceedings of divorce and need to gain the knowledge necessary to proceed.

Attendees will learn:

➢ How to prepare financially

➢ How to protect the children

➢ Learn what questions to ask

As a public service, Atty. Robin Fleischer will deliver this program to your clients or association. To learn more contact Fleischer Law Solutions, PLLC at 978-871-2928 or via email at

Robin Fleischer

photo of robin fleischer

Attorney Fleischer is a respected family law attorney who is known for her integrity, honesty and creativity in finding solutions to some of the most emotional and tough legal issues. She has dedicated her career to helping people going through the emotional roller coaster of divorce and other family law problems. She understands that people experiencing a divorce, child custody or other family legal matter need an advocate who is compassionate, understanding and responsive to their needs.

The information is general and not to be considered specific legal advice

There is help to "guide you through a divorce"


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