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Family Law refers to any matter that involves your children, divorce, or past or current relationships.

Not all families look the same and when it comes to family troubles, especially legal issues, it’s necessary to separate the emotions from the desired outcomes. Attorney Fleischer understands that your problems are unique and she will meet with you to discuss how to best solve your problem in a way that fits your goal and budget.

Child Custody

Relocation of a Minor Child from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Is the parent that your child lives with attempting to move out of the state with your child? Massachusetts law does not allow a minor child to be relocated out of the Commonwealth without permission of the non-custodial parent.

There are specific conditions that must be met before a court will allow the move.

Contact Attorney Fleischer if you would like to move out of Massachusetts with your child or if the other parent is attempting a relocation.

Guardianship of a Minor

A legal Guardian is a person who is responsible for a child under the age of 18, but is not the parent. The Guardian is responsible for the care and custody of the child, without having to adopt the child.

A person can be appointed a Guardian of a minor child if a parent gives permission or if a court deems the parent is unfit or unavailable to provide care.

Visitation and Parenting Plans

You have a right to see your child even if you were never married to the other parent. There are only certain situations where a parent would be denied access to his or her child. Even in those situations, parenting plans can be worked out to include supervised visits.

Attorney Fleischer has successfully written parenting plans that have been approved in court and become court judgments.

Child Support

Child support is not only for couples of divorces. Any person who has a child has a right under the law to receive child support from the non-custodial parent.

Attorney Fleischer has successfully obtained child support for her clients as well as helping parents reduce or remove child support orders because of changes in financial circumstances.

Attorney Fleischer will bring a Complaint for Child support on your behalf or defend you at a Department of Revenue child support hearing.

Domestic Abuse

No one should have to live in fear of physical abuse or endure the insults of mental abuse.

Attorney Fleischer has successfully obtained Abuse Prevention Orders for her clients that also protect your minor children. Attorney Fleischer will be with you during this difficult time from the filing of the paper to advocating for you in Court.

No one should be accused of physical abuse when it is not true. If you have been falsely accused of domestic abuse and an Abuse Order has been issued, contact Attorney Fleischer to discuss your rights.

Contempt of a Court Order

Do you have a Court Order in place that the other party is not following? Is your prior spouse not following the separation agreement, stopped paying child support or refusing you to let you see your children?

Have you been following a Court Order but you now have received a Court document that states you have not?

Attorney Fleischer has successfully won and defended Complaints for Contempt. Call Attorney Fleischer to discuss your rights.


Are you a Father being denied access to your child because the mother will not acknowledge you are the father?
Are you seeking child support but the father of your child was never listed on the birth certificate and he is denying paternity?

Attorney Fleischer can help you through the process to obtain a legal judgment of paternity, which will establish rights for the father as well as aid in establishing child support payments for the mother.

Modification of Existing Court Orders and Judgments

Court Orders and Judgments, including in certain situations, separation agreements before the final divorce judgment, may be changed if you have had a change in circumstances since the date of the Order.

Contact Attorney Fleischer to discuss solutions to your issues regarding modification of parenting plans, child support and alimony awards.

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We protect your rights with personalized and compassionate representation designed to achieve the best legal solutions for your case.